This year will provide students with an exciting opportunity to use many of the tools and machines within the workshop. We will look at topics such as Safety, Bench work, Materials, Drilling, Lathe work and Mechanical Joining. Within these topics students will encounter a variety of projects that will cater for a diverse range of skills within the class. An example of some of these projects will include making key rings, a candleholder, a desk tidy, an egg holder, a coat hook and a Toast rack. Often students will be provided with a choice of two projects to suit their interests with both projects focusing on the same key skills. The Metalwork programme has undergone a number of changes in recent years and it is pleasing to note that not only has the number of female students taking the subject increased nationally but also that in many areas females are out performing males in what was once male dominated subject.

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By the end of the 3 years students will have developed a level of expertise across both their practical work and their understanding of the theory related to Metalwork. They will have participated in many projects that will develop their practical skills to a level where they have an opportunity to achieve a high grade at Junior Cycle Level. These projects will be scaffolded in such a manner that each project will ask a little more of the student, testing and developing their practical skills in the process. Similarly with the theory aspect students will continue to cover other important aspects of the syllabus such as Heat Treatment, Hot and Cold forming of Materials, Electronics, Structures and Mechanisms. The theory aspect of this syllabus will be mainly covered by the end of second year. This allows a focus on revision and allows a concentration on the making of the students Junior Certificate project during the third year. Once the project is finished the focus will quickly change to preparing students for their day practical.


Choosing this subject opens up a vast variety of future careers such as those within agriculture, industry, engineering and construction. However due to the practical nature of the subject it is very beneficial to students no matter what career path they choose in the future.

This subject forms the basis of the Engineering subject at Leaving Certificate level. Many of the topics covered at Junior Cycle will be explored in greater detail over the course of the 2 years. A focus will also be placed on other topics such as manufacturing of plastics, pneumatics, welding and thermal equilibrium diagrams. Students will also have the opportunity to explore 3D printing, CNC control and laser cutting processes which form a part of the continuously evolving technology of modern society.



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