The new Project Maths course is a new and improved way of studying mathematics. Project maths places an emphasis on students’ understanding of mathematical ideas and concepts and helps to develop students’ problem solving skills. Students are continuously building on their understanding of different concepts and ideas which improves students overall ability and understanding of maths. Project maths does not look at any topic or chapter in isolation but relates it to other topics on the syllabus. Relating different topics and concepts together really helps students’ understanding of maths and their ability to solve difficult maths problems. A central part of the new project maths syllabus is placing the mathematical concepts and ideas that students learn into context in the world around them. Students should now be able to see why different areas of maths are needed in everyday life and relate various mathematical concepts to everyday experience.

This new course uses a range of methodologies and activities to aid students in developing their understanding of maths. Students will be actively engaged in different activities that bring maths to life in the classroom. This will not only help students’ understanding but these activities will improve students’ problem solving skills, communication skills, reasoning skills, team work skills, analysing skills etc.



We will use a variety of activities and methodologies similar to the ones described above to help our students in Dún an Rí College to build and develop an understanding of maths. We want our students to have an excellent understanding of the different aspects and concepts on the new Project Maths syllabus so they are prepared for different problems that may arise during class or exams. We not only want students to know how to solve problems in different topics on the course but to also relate these different topics to each other and use their understanding from a collective of topics to solve a problem.


The pictures above give an insight into our maths classroom. Students are working together and learning from each other while trying to solve the various mathematical probems.


Maths Week Ireland

Beginning October 15th to 23rd

Coláiste Dún an Rí organised numerous activities and challenegs for students throughout maths week. We had games, quizzes, competitions and other activities that  helped students see the importance of maths, developed their probem solving skills and understanding of maths, and made them aware of maths in the world around us. 

 home maths week
















One of the events which we organised for maths week was 'Cólaiste Casino'. maths week 35

Students really enjoyed this event. They played numerous card games

organised by other students and competed against each other to win prizes.

Getting students familiar with cards is an extremely important part of

statistics and probability. Students need to know the different suits of cards,

the different types of cards, the number of cards and so on. It is also very

important for students to get use to the probability scale and the chances of

an event occurring, i.e. what is the chance of picking up a king of spades

next, is it likely to occur or very unlikely to occur etc.


maths wee 46maths week 36

maths week 38



 maths week 51maths week 48












Our biggest event for maths week involved a trip to the W5 Interactive Discovery Centre in Belfast. Throughout the day students had the chance to look around and interact with the 250 exhibits which enhanced students understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. Students also attended a maths workshop where they were given the opportunity to solve various puzzles working individually, in pairs and in small groups. This enrichment workshop gave students the chance to stretch their mathematical skills and gain a better understanding of maths in the world around us.


maths week 2maths week 4maths week 9
























maths week 11maths week 16maths week 23






















maths week 29maths week 6












Below are some examples of the activities that we will use in different topics throughout the year.


Students will collect their own data using questionnaires or surveys and analysis this data using methods they will learn throughout the chapter of statistics. Students will also produce a variety of graphs using their data and examine how some graphs are more suitable for different types of data than others. This activity will engage students in the topic of statistics. It will help students understand how they might use statistics in everyday life. It will also improve students’ understanding of different concepts.

Area and volume:

Throughout this chapter students will learn about different shapes and how to find the area and volume of different shapes. To help students fully understand the topic, students will be asked to find the area and volume of different objects provided in class. For example, students will have to find the dimensions of a cereal box and then use these dimensions to find the area and volume of the cereal box.




























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